Circle L Stockdogs offers working cow dogs services, herding border collies, geese control and cattle leasing in Chandler, Arizona
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Our Working Cattle Dogs

In 1992, I purchased a six weeks old prick eared border/aussie cross female that I named Lacy. Lacy produced five litters with the help of a male named Brew, before her life ended at the age of fourteen. I kept a pup out of every litter.  All the dogs out of Lacy’s line were the best at their job.  You were guaranteed a dog with a lot of power at the head or the heel.  These dogs can go from turning a 1700 pound bucking bull to babysitting young calves in the branding pen.  These dogs have always been quiet but will bite hard if needed.  They have a strong eye with confidence and patience. Chance is my current stud dog, and he is a grandson of Lacy.   He has all the qualities of Lacy’s line. Lacy has made a history for herself and Circle L Stockdogs that I will treasure for the rest of my life. With Chance, I plan to continue selectively producing some of the finest working dogs for people who get the same gratification as I do out of getting a days work done with the best partner they could ever ask for.We are located in Chandler, in the Greater Phoenix area in Arizona.


T was born in the spring of 2013. His mother is Gibbs, and his father is Cinch. He is our newest addition and he is already an unbelievable working dog: he is already following his mothers lead and working birds great!


Chance passed away at the age of 14: he had a forever home here at Circle L Stockdogs. Chance was the key dog in starting the geese control services. Chance was out of Lacy and a well known Ranch Dog in Central Oregon. He turned out to fill the paws of his parents and exceeded at any tasks.Photography by Dan Lind .


She is a 2009 female who came to us from Montana. She is a very versatile dog with a lot of grit. She goes to both head and heel and bites low and smart. She is also the best bird hazing dog I have. She has been in several articles including the Stock dog Journal. She will retire here and be a great therapy dog for children hospitals. Gibbs is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dog INC*. Photography by Dan Lind . 


She came to us from Pinedale Wyoming. She was born in 2011. Big personality, very lovable but when it comes to work she is all business with a extreme drive. Tug has also turned into a Geese control dog and is coming along great. Tug is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dog INC*.


She was born in 2014, out of Gibbs and Jiggs. Quinn has succeeded in all working aspects, not even a year old and keeping up with the finished dogs. Quinn is independent and will work for different handlers, she is also a clown with lots of personality that is entertaining for hours.  She is on the right of her mother Gibbs. 


She was born in 2012 in Austin, NV. She is registered ABCA McCullum breeding. Kit is a certified therapy dog through Therapy Dog INC*. Kit is one  of a kind. She is very intense, soft and keen, with incredible drive but lots of control. She will slide to a down throwing turf! Kit is extremely athletic and all around one of the best dogs I’ve ever owned. 


*Therapy dogs are personal pets which meet certain requirements of good manners and good health, and pass testing and evaluations:
Therapy dogs must be good around other dogs, listen to their handlers, allow strangers to touch them all over, not jump on people when interacting, walk on a leash without pulling, not mind strange noises and smells, be calm for petting, not be afraid of people walking unsteadily, be current on all vaccines required by the local laws, have a negative fecal test every 12 months, be clean and well groomed. Once certified, therapy dogs can perform activities including, but are not limited to, visits to hospitals, special needs centers, schools, and nursing homes.