Circle L Stockdogs offers working cow dogs services, herding border collies, geese control and cattle leasing in Chandler, Arizona
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Started Dogs

Circle L Stockdogs caters to Cattle Ranchers and anyone who is looking for a quality working cattle dog. We are a breed of people with family values and work ethics that are quickly disappearing. We are NOT a breeding facility: we breed our dogs occasionally, mostly if dogs have been pre-ordered (puppies or started dogs). On occasion, we have puppies and started dogs available for purchase. If you are looking for a working dog in the near future, please contact us early so, when the time comes, we have a dog that will fit your operation. Shipping is available, and we also have several trusted contacts that travel state to state with livestock, that may be able to deliver the dog for us. If you purchase one of the few dogs that we may have available, you will receive a lifetime support from us: we guarantee that the dog will be a working stock dog. We will also help you with any questions or concerns during the lifetime of the dog, either via phone, e-mail or person to person. We also offer geese control services, which is in high demand:  It is a huge problem here in Arizona along with other states. We have two of the best dogs you will find to do the job. Our top dog, Gibbs, “throws” this skill in her pups. We welcome any questions in regards to bird control. Contact us for availability.

Previous Started Dogs


Photography by Dan Lind .

CR Switch

Switch came from Twin Falls, Montana. She was a registered dog with Griz lines. She had lots of bite and very lovable. She now resides in Queen Creek, AZ.



Tag was out of Chance and an outside female. She resides in Southern Arizona and works at a roping facility. She follows her owner on the pro rodeo circuit. She also helps, from time to time, with geese control. Tag is in one of the videos on our site.


Wiggs was out of Lacy and Brew. She fed my passion for the amazing qualities of  stock dogs. Wiggs was just like her mother: big heart, strong drive and loyal like no other. She was sold at the Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale as the youngest dog to be reserve champion.


Pistol was a littermate to Wiggs that sold at Red Bluff bull and gelding sale. She, like her sister had a strong drive and would work any kind of stock.  She resides in Mertzon TX. with the Miller family who run cattle and sheep.


So much to say about this one! He is a Griz bred dog from Ennis Mt. Slow starter then came on strong, he is very bitable and conforms to an operation quickly. He went back  to his birthplace and resides on a cow calf ranch. I don’t recommend working dogs while moving pairs but this kind of work is right up his alley, he knows to keep his distance but has a very powerful eye and presence.



Lacy was so keen and aggressive at an early age, I turned to a friend with a great background of starting dogs for help.  With what I learned from her, Lacy and I went on to become a great team. No matter the job gathering, doctoring, sorting, holding, Lacy was the best foreman you could have.