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Testimonials about our working border collies


pudgiePudgie is doing great! As a matter of fact, he is doing wonderful and we are so pleased to have him in our family. The vet has stated that he has such great conformation and his coat is top notch. It was also stated that he shows what good breeding and care can do for dogs. The vet stated that I had received a great puppy from a very good breeder and I was very lucky to have found someone who cares about the dogs they breed. We just love him, and are so pleased that we were so lucky to get our new addition to our family from you. We will be looking toward getting another puppy from you in the future. Again, thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful dog into our lives.  – Sandra Hicks, Buckeye, AZ – October, 2014



Tonto - StockdogWe have had an awesome experience with Wendy at Circle L Stock Dogs from the day we picked the puppy out through training and beyond. Our experience started when we purchased one of the Border Collie puppies from her dog’s litter. He’s a focused, determined, and incredibly smart dog. Wendy frequently checked in with us through those first few weeks to help guide us on behaviors and she’s always available for any questions. After a few weeks we returned to the farm on a regular basis to get some one on one training with Wendy. She took the time to coach us and gave us the tools and training needed to ensure that our puppies’  energy was expressed in a positive and obedient manner. She has vast knowledge and years of experience with the breed, her understanding of the specific needs of a Border Collie are second to none. We could not be happier with Tonto’s behavior and our friends and family are constantly impressed by his discipline and skills. Thanks to Circle L Stock Dogs and Wendy’s guidance we have the friendly and obedient dog of our dreams. -Dan & Leslie Cheyne owners of Tonto, Phoenix AZ


toby - working border collies

“We wanted to take a moment and thank you for the awesome addition to our family and for all of the great instruction and help since we brought our beloved Tobey home. We wanted a dog who would be able to be off leash, fetch, be trainable and obedient. Tobey is all of these things and more and is only 4 and a half months old. He surprises us everyday with his willingness to learn. Tobey’s potential is unlimited. He is the greatest addition to our family and we cannot thank you enough for everything.”

Dianne Dionisi and Tobey – February 2011



Murphy - working border collies

“Murphy and I are extremely pleased with our training and I was amazed at how quickly she (Wendy) was able to get him to respond.  The most beneficial to me was the ability to participate during his development and not simply drop him off at a boot camp.  I have recommended Wendy numerous times to friends and colleagues wanting quality training.”

Costas And Murphy




Pistol- working border collies

“Wendy Larson is our family friend. We got Pistol from her several years ago.  Pistol is a unique individual primarily because she was raised and encouraged by Wendy from the moment of her birth. Wendy has remained available to us for questions and advice.  We have one of her daughters we will never part with.  Her granddaughter will attempt to fill her shoes.  She has a long way to go but she’s quite young and shows much promise. If you are serious about working Border Collies you can’t do any better than to become associated with Wendy Larson.”

Jimmy Miller Family from Mertzon, Texas



Wiz - working border collies

“Wendy, Just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the best employee I have ever had. Of the many cow dogs I have had here on the ranch, (600 mother cows) Wiz is by far the best!!! His discipline, eagerness to please and willingness to work are inspiring. Thanks to your expert breeding and training program Wiz truly is a pleasure to work and play with. He has saved both my horses and me many miles.  I would recommend your dogs and your training to anyone who wants and or needs a great dog.”

Darrell Ceciliani Owner; Rocker 3 Ranches, LLC



Rip- working border collies

“Ten years ago, Wendy started “Rip”.  She developed his confidence, respect and timing in working and handling stock.  I have since enjoyed years of service from “Rip” in various ranch settings.  I am excited to hear that Wendy is dedicating more time to her career as a stockdog handler/trainer, and we are still sending her dogs, clear from Montana!  Wishing you the best in your new ventures, and hope to get you up to the Big Sky Country  to put on some clinics in the future!”

Dawn Becker



Stubby- working border collies

“Stubby is Johns second helper and is Dots teacher. They work great together and know which fields or corrals he wants to move the cattle too. They work great with him when he is on his 4 wheeler to.”

Bernalou Rosebrook





murphy- working border collies

“I sent my young Border Collie to Wendy for training.  I could tell she spent a lot of time working with her. “Murphy” was a life long companion and a great cow dog.  I received compliments all the time about how well trained she was.This was my first experience with sending a dog out for training.  I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone wanting to put a dog in training or getting one-on-one help with obedience.  She is kind and caring towards her dogs but also very firm and consistent with her discipline.  She is very good at communicating directions to the dog owner.  This made the transition from her training program to the dog coming home very easy.”

Randy Brown from Canby Oregon