Circle L Stockdogs offers working cow dogs services, herding border collies, geese control and cattle leasing in Chandler, Arizona
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wpe45576contrastIt all started with a mix breed border collie and blue healer cross, named JR.  I was working for a so-called “dude ranch” which ran anywhere from 75 to 100 head of horses. JR belonged to the owners and pretty much called the stables home.  In the mornings, it was my job to round up the horses for the days’ work.  I was fifteen years old at the time.  We combed the 160 acres for the herd, finding all hiding places to be had.  She was tough, smart and knew when to bite and when to back off.  I believe she felt the same amount of accomplishment as I, to hear and feel 100 head of horses coming over the hill and down to the corrals at a dead run.  JR and I had a bond that started my passion for working dogs. In 1992 I was in Pocatello, Idaho for the PRCA Dodge National Rodeo Finals.  I purchased a six weeks old prick eared border/aussie cross female that I named Lacy.

I soon came to find out that my passion would continue with her.  Lacy came home to a busy working ranch of racehorses and commercial cattle operation called Raley’s Headstart Farm.  Lacy was so keen and aggressive at an early age, I turned to a friend with a great background of starting dogs for help.  With what I learScan10025lacyned from her, Lacy and I went on to become a great team. No matter the job gathering, doctoring, sorting, holding, Lacy was the best foreman you could have.  Working at Portland Livestock Yard for five years, I gained more knowledge of working dogs in close quarters and mostly on horseback.  I realized how valuable these dogs are, not only in the field but in all circumstances.  Lacy made an amazing name for herself. She was not only an asset to me on the ranch, but also to everyone behind the scenes. At the yard, she worked the ring, docks, and holding pens.  If only I could have taught her to opeWendy Larsonn the gates! Lacy produced five litters with the help of a male named Brew, before her life ended at the age of fourteen.  I kept a pup out of every litter.  One of the pups I kept I called Wiggs.  She and I went to Red Bluff in 1997. Wiggs was one of the youngest dogs (eleven months) to sell at the bull and gelding sale as reserve champion. Since then, Lacy’s offspring have found homes on working ranches in Montana, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Texas and Arizona.

All the dogs out of Lacy’s line were the best at their job.  You were guaranteed a dog with a lot of power at the head or the heel.  These dogs can go from turning a 1700 pound bucking bull to babysitting young calves in the branding pen.  These dogs have always been quiet but will bite hard if needed.  They have a strong eye with confidence and patience.   Chance is my current stud dog, and he is a grandson of Lacy.   He has all the qualities of Lacy’s line.   Lacy has made a history for herself and Circle L Stockdogs that I will treasure for the rest of my life. With Chance, I plan to continue selectively producing some of the finest working dogs for people who get the same gratification as I do out of getting a days work done with the best partner they could ever ask for.